FormFiling DateDocuments
8-K12G3Fri May 12 2023HTMXBRLXLSX
8-K12G3Fri May 12 2023HTMXBRLXLSX
10-QFri May 12 2023HTMXBRLXLSX
8-KWed May 10 2023HTMXBRLXLSX
10-K/AFri Apr 28 2023HTMXBRLXLSX
8-KFri Apr 28 2023HTMXBRLXLSX
8-KThu Apr 20 2023HTMXBRLXLSX
EFFECTThu Apr 20 2023XBRL
424B3Wed Apr 19 2023HTM
DEF 14AWed Apr 19 2023HTM
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